• Southward shorebird migration has begun!
  • American Badgers mate in late summer.
  • The Black-tailed Jackrabbit when alarmed can run as fast as 40 mph!
  • The Black-tailed Jackrabbits when alarmed can run as fast as 40 mph!
  • The Mexican Free-tailed pups are now able to fly out into the evening sky.
  • In moist, heavily vegetated areas along creeks you can find the American Dipper Firefly
  • You can still hear the Common Poorwill calling after sunset and at dawn,
  • Look for Burrowing Owls in the evening and early morning in Prairie Dog Towns.

Oklahoma Wildlife & Prairie Heritage Alliance 
"Where conservation begins at our own grassroots"


                                                  Go Outdoors!  

                        Travel the Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma

                               A Road-based Wildlife Viewing Trail in western Oklahoma.                    

                                              To learn more watch video below:






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