A Bridge Between 
Programs and Projects

The OWPHA was formed to provide enhanced coordination, cooperation and communication to conserve the short and mixed grass prairie's diverse habitat and unique wildlife which is found in Western Oklahoma. The OWPHA distributes information to assist landowners, informs the region's communities and businesses, and serves as a conduit for wildlife and prairie heritage programming opportunities for the area. The OWPHA's main objective is to bridge the gap between programs and projects. 

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Oklahoma Ecoregions-ODWC
Oklahoma Ecoregions-OFS

Pamphlets and Publications

The Purple Martin in Oklahoma
Sharing Your Land With Prairie Wildlife

Bats of Oklahoma Field Guide


Landscaping For Wildlife

Habitat-Larger Scale

Cavity Trees Are Refuges For Wildlife
Dead Wood: Key to Enhancing Wildlife Diversity in Forest

Your Side of the Fence - biannual newsletter for private landowners interested in wildlife and fish management produced by the OK Dept. of Wildlife Conservation:

        Summer, 2018 Issue


Habitat-Construction plans

Bluebird Nestbox Plans

Bat House Plans

Wildlife Photography

A Guide To Wildlife Viewing and Photography Blinds